Sound Systems

All sound packages are scaled to suit the nature of your event. From large, multi-room concert and nightclub style to smaller performances, gatherings and shows, we have the right equipment for the job! We can also use our equipment to supplement existing house sound systems if the location requires. We are thoroughly experienced in providing the sound systems necessary to support your performers -- be it DJs, live performing artists and bands, or public speakers. Whatever the event warrants, we can serve every "frequency" of your needs!

Public Address (PA) Equipment

Shy Productions lets your voice be heard with a scalable array of PA speaker systems, from a speaker's podium to a full outdoor concert arrangement. We work almost exclusively with Electro Voice speakers and cabinets, but can supplement and "add on" to any existing speaker systems in order to provide the fullest sound possible.

Boards, Mixing & Recording

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Sound Engineers

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Equipment Consultation & Installations

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