It's the most important moment to date in a couple's life, one that requires complete attention and adherence to every detail of what the two want to represent, share, and remember. Shy Productions looks to provide that memorable experience with the most individualized and attentive entertainment provisions possible, regardless of the scale or requirements to meet every couple's wish list.

From low-key ambience music and subtle marquee lighting, to full themed weddings complete with live entertainment and more, we have yet to encounter a wedding event that we cannot completely facilitate. From the first moment of free on-site consultation, we maintain a strict policy of avoiding "cookie cutter wedding packages", where the couple is forced to work within a limited model of what their day is supposed to be. We believe that the entire wedding day is a reflection of two people's love for one another, and a display of their individual personalities combining into one marital identity, and the event itself should be as unique and original as the newly wedded couple.

Contact us via phone or email at any time to arrange for an initial consultation, and tell us what your ideas are for the day's sights and sounds. After all, this is your very special day!